MTK & Suddyn

As MTK approaches things are all coming together. In two weeks we will be setting up and enjoying the music while hopefully meeting some incredible people and getting our brand out there! Check out their website, for more information!

There are going to be some great bands playing at MTK and it is totally worth it to come enjoy some incredible music in beautiful East Hampton! I would like to give a shoutout to Suddyn, an Irish band playing at MTK. Their song “Nothing Lasts Forever” is totally unique and will get you moving. It will give you an idea of things to come! Check it out at

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MTK event

du Monde is going to have a tent at the MTK (Music to Know) Festival in August out here in the Hamptons! There are going to be some incredible bands, people, and clothes. Should be a good time. du Monde is excited to participate, and of course, dance and enjoy the music! Prior to that, we are having a show at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton July 14th.  The artistic crowds that frequent Ashawagh Hall should really enjoy this show. We are currently looking for an artist and/or musician who wants to participate and make this a really fun event!  Shoot me an email if you are interested.

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Jewelry Shipment

It’s one week until our second trunk show. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying! I have been working on a shipment for two months now because DHL took forever to organize my shipping account and now it’s getting down to the wire. Please all keep your fingers crossed because the shipment I’m waiting on is for some incredible jewelry. I have some beautiful new styles of necklaces coming in. Gorgeous summer colors and some deep, rich blues and greens that can be worn all year round. I also have some coming in featuring my favorite andrika symbol, meaning “back to your roots”. As a new addition, I have a few earrings coming in too! I’m so excited to share them with all of you. Hopefully, they will come in time for this show, but in any case, they will be added here and to the website, so if you have interest, feel free to contact me at

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Artisan clothing

I am super excited to see that two new stores have opened in East Hampton (one in town & one in Montauk) featuring artisan-made clothing. It is great to see that people are really becoming aware of where their clothing comes from. In the modern age, people are given access to all sorts of information, and many people are now using that tool to educate themselves on where the products they use in their day to day lives are coming from. In the past five years, people have shifted their focus on food. Organic and fair trade food products have become exceedingly more popular and widespread than they were previously. Now, it appears people are turning that focus on their clothes. These trends are so positive and truly show people’s desires to educate themselves and make a positive impact on the world around them. Horrah to the human race!

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Human Planet

Last night, Daniel and I were watching Human Planet on the Discovery Channel and there was a segment of the episode that focused on the Tubu tribe of Mali. This tribe is one in which women are the navigators of the desert. They use the dunes as markers in order to find their way to the few and far between water holes. Being off by 10 meters could be the difference between life and death. While watching this segment, I was so inspired not only by these powerful women, but by their clothing. The colors! Unbelievable. The patterns were out of this world. I was in awe of the beauty of these desert women and their manner of dress. It was truly a representation of the words and sentiments I expressed in my last post. As a side note, I’m super excited about Human Planet. It is a spin-off of Planet Earth and Life. I really love that the Discovery Channel is delving into the beauty of all of the different people on this earth and their survival in any place on the globe, be it desert or mountain. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

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African clothing

When I think of African clothing I think of three words: Patterns, Bold, & Pride.

Patterns are vital to African clothing and cloth. Patterns include designs and symbols that are a key to the traditions and belief systems found in each region. Andrika symbols are especially prevalent in my line, as they are used throughout West Africa in jewelry, clothing, rugs, bags, and anything else you may think of. One of my favorites is a symbol that means “return to your roots”, which will be featured in some of my newest jewelry. This symbol is a representation of what I am trying to promote in my line: a return to tradition and cultural pride.

African designs are full of color. However, even in the most simple of color or pattern choices, a word that consistently holds true is bold. If it isn’t the patterns or the colors, it is the shape or the design. Boldness is a key characteristic to African clothing. As a person who likes to relay messages through my own wardrobe, bold, statement pieces are found throughout my closet. In the same way, my line features pieces that turn heads, pieces that say, “I am special and unique and I have something to say”.

Pride. Pride in culture. Pride in self. Pride is prevalent in Africa. It is prevalent even in the poorest of neighborhoods. Pride is what drives the people and what helps them create these beautiful pieces. Their pride in tradition urges them to continue using it, even when modern society steers away from it. Their pride in self is seen in the bold and beautiful colors, patterns, and designs they wear. They want to be seen. They are proud of who they are and what they represent.

These three words, patterns, bold, and pride have a deep connection to du Monde and our collection. They also have a deep connection to our artisans, which is why they are able to create the pieces you see. People ask me why I chose Africa. While I do want to eventually spread out to artisans around the world, Africa is my starting place. The above is why.

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This week I was walking around Sag Harbor, my favorite town to window shop, and I noticed that Paillettes had reopened after closing for the winter. I love buying jewelry there for friends or myself because the pieces are fun, funky, and artisan-made. When I went inside I was struck by their Spring collection. It is totally African inspired! Though the cuts and styles of the clothes are dissimilar to my own, the colors and prints are a mirror to my Ghana collection. Super excited to see that other people are catching on to this trend!

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